Five Star Management Service For Individuals Owning Luxury Assets In Zimbali. 
We offer a comprehensive service, giving you the benefit of owning a luxury asset in Zimbali, without the day to day headache of property management.
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Dr Ismael Dada 

"We are never disappointed by the service of Platinum Destinations Management. The staff are always top class and very helpful. .. A great way to own and manage a property in Zimbali!"
About the"Platinum Destinations Management" Service.
Imagine arriving at your home in Zimbali and everything is perfect…the house is clean, the lights work, the grass is cut…and all you have to do is relax. We offer a full management service to ensure your piece of mind.
We are essentially you "man on the ground", offering a full service management for your villa.

We have extensive experience in managing hotels, luxury lodges, villas, homes, commercial buildings, in all aspects, from day to day operations, maintenance, upgrading of facilities and staff.
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We offer the following services,

• Property Maintenance.
We have an onsite maintenance team, accredited by ZEMA. 

• House Keepers.
Well trained housekeepers with daily supervision.

• Garden Service.
A garden and pool maintenance service.

• Golf Cart Service.
Ensuring carts are charged and clean.

• External glass Cleaning.
Cleaning of high external windows.

• Replacement.
Replacing of breakages and cost recovery.

• After Hours Services.
We have a 24 hour emergency line.

• Consumables.
Purchasing of cleaning consumables.

• Monthly Accounts.
You will receive a detailed monthly statement.

• Affiliation.
Affiliation to Platinum Vacation Club and Platinum Destinations.

• Marketing.
We will market your property through the correct channels.

• Welcome Service.
We offer a ``Meet and Greet``for yourself and your guests.
A. Property Administration

- The preparation of an annual estimate of expenditure, trustee/director’s report and any other documents required for the Annual General Meeting.
- Any recommendations of Trustees/Directors will be taken into account and we will at all times endeavour to keep the monthly levies as realistic as possible.
- In addition, we will prepare annually the schedule of replacement values and will also attend to proxies, nominations, agendas, etc.
- The conduct of intense research to establish various ways to reduce the expenditure of the Body Corporate and periodic reviews of the budget.
- The revision of the insurance coverage of the Body Corporate and arrangement of valuations where required. We undertake to obtain competitive quotations in the marketplace to ensure the most economical premium.
- The necessary comprehensive insurance includes political riot insurance and fidelity guarantee insurance.
- We also handle all insurance claims on behalf of the Body Corporate
- Operation of a current and/or savings account with a registered bank, including an investment account on behalf of the Body Corporate
- Any excess of funds after will be invested at the highest possible interest rate.
- Advising on all aspects of the management and control of the Body Corporate as required. Assisting and advising the Board of Trustees/Directors on the enforcement of the Rules adopted by the Body Corporate, as well as the Conduct Rules as referred to in the Sectional Titles Act, following specific instructions from the Body Corporate.
- In the event of the building being overseen by a Caretaker, he can be assured of complete support from us as the Managing Agent.
- Negotiating on behalf of the Board of Trustees/Directors with professional persons, firms or other organizations for the preparing of specifications and quotations for maintenance and improvements to be done to the communal property.
- Advice on the application of the Sectional Titles Act (Act 95 of 1986).
- Informing all owners, where necessary, of all decisions affecting them as made by the Trustees/Directors
- Being available to attend to emergencies on site.
- Daily liaising with the security company.
- Use of managing agents vehicle for any supplies the caretaker needs to ensure efficient daily operations.
- HR and staff management. including dealing with legal and CCMA issues, annual wage negotiations, leave and SACCAWU providend fund.
- Daily management of the maintenance, cleaning and gardening team.
- Paying of suppliers.


- The monthly preparation and sending out of invoices
- The monthly collection of levies. ,
- The levies are payable strictly in advance on or before the 1st day of each calendar month.
- Should any owner neglect to pay the levy, the necessary legal action will be taken with the consent of the Trustees/Directors
- Preparation of monthly arrear reports and submission if required, to the Trustees/Directors
- Verification and payment from available funds of all accounts such as water and electricity, cleaning materials, insurance premiums, ordinary maintenance, etc.
- Budget control of expenses.
- Payment of salaries, wages, unemployment insurance fund contributions, income tax, workmen’s compensation premiums and regional services council levies, on the dates and in the manner determined by the Managing Agent.


- The maintenance of the Body Corporate’s ledgers of account.
- Arranging the annual audit with the external auditor of the Body Corporate and, on completion, submission of the audited statements to the members of the Body Corporate.


- The preparation of Agendas and the forwarding of notices for the meeting of the Trustees/Directors and Annual General Meetings.
- Attendance of quarterly meetings of the Trustees/Directors and Annual General Meetings or as per written agreement.
- The entering, preparation and submission of the minutes of meetings. The maintaining of a minute record in conforming with the Sectional Titles Act. Keeping of attendance registers, the register of sectional bondholders, Rules, insurance policies, and all other permanent records of the Body Corporate.
- Attending to the requirements of the Receiver of Revenue.
- Assisting with levy clearance certificates and liaising with conveyancers.
- Liaising with meter readers and queries.
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Letter From The Manager
Do You Want To Enjoy Headache Free Property Ownership?
In this economy, just about everyone could use a little supplementary income. But when it comes to renting out a second home as a way to make a little cash on the side, the headaches associated with becoming a landlord usually outweigh the benefit of bringing in a couple extra rand each month. 
A Property Manager’s 5 To-Do’s for a Headache Free Ownership.
A Property Manager’s 5 To-Do’s for a Headache Free Ownership.

In my experience, as a Property Manager, vacant spaces and buildings can be more work than occupied buildings, in some cases much more. Depending on the area the vacancy is in, you could be battling everything from damp to vermin not to mention the balance between maintaining the asset and flushing money down the toilet. Below are some To-Do’s in order to insure a more smooth and streamlined experience with your investment.

To-Do #1 – Hire an experienced Property Manager

Managing all of the complications of a vacant commercial building is very time consuming. Therefore, hiring a Property Manager will allow you to have confidence that your asset is not losing value or suffering costly damage. A property manager onsite will often seek out precursors of deterioration and suspicious activity.

To-Do #2 – Let the Right People Know

Making sure your property manager is on top of informing you of any issues before they become big issues. with alternate contact details should you not be contactable.

To-Do #3 – Pay Attention to Utilities

Your property manager should immediately visit the property and adjust the heating and cooling as appropriate for a vacancy.  
Lastly have your property manager make sure all non-essential utilities are turned off when the property is vacant.

To-Do #4 – Have Property Manager Inspect Building ASAP

Confirming your property manager has completed a full inspection of your property will insure all previous occupants’ trash, possibly perishable items, is removed. Also, that there are no current maintenance items, the tenant never mentioned, that if left unattended could become much larger issues. These items might include roof leaks, running toilets, broken door hardware or cracked window panes. Not only will this initial inspection help maintain the asset value it will greatly improve the “showability” of the building to potential new occupants.

To-Do #5 – Put in Place a Plan for Security

Your property manager should not only schedule routine inspections, they should also rekey/secure all exterior entry points and make sure there are no vulnerable areas, such as basement windows, etc. 
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