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Examples Based On Week 51, week 52 And Week 1 - 4 Sleeper
Karma Kandara 
Bali, Indonesia
"Karma Kandara, Bali, Indonesia would cost R48,000... You can vacation there for 4500 points!"
Orange Lake
Orlando, USA
"Orange Lake, Orlando USA would cost R54,000...  You can vacation there for 5500 points !"
The mission of Platinum Vacation Club is to promote, advance and protect the creation, development and maintenance of superior vacation experiences for our niche member base
Nakalay Beach Resort 
Phuket, Thailand
"Nakalay Beach Resort, Phuket Thailand would cost R53,000...You can vacation there for 5500 points !"
Eden Island 
"Eden Island, Seychelles would cost R68,000... You can vacation there for 5500 points!"
Club Paradiso 
Dorrabay, Dubai
"Club Paradiso, Dubai would cost R58,000...You can vacation there for 6500 points !"
Discover Why Discerning Travellers Want An Exclusive Club
About "Platinum Vacation club" 
Platinum Vacation Club was the First Affiliate in Africa & the Indian Ocean of The Registry Collection. Our selected group of Platinum Private Residences of the World members can enjoy the privilege of exchanges into the top 1% of accommodation world-wide, including membership to Le Concierge. 
The Registry Collection is an elegant solution - a world class exchange programme as well as an International service provider to the luxury leisure share ownership holiday market. No matter where The Registry Collection members may travel, they will always be in touch with a professional concierge service, providing easier access to global luxury experiences and properties. Designed for the high-end market, the member is consistently provided with a high quality product and experience. 
The Beach Estate Zimbali is affiliated to The Registry Collection as a High End Affiliation. Membership to The Registry Collection is available to the members who own 4500 points or more within Platinum Vacation Club.
Our Mission
The mission of Platinum Vacation Club is to promote, advance and protect the creation, development and maintenance of superior vacation experiences for our niche member base
Our Vision - To be renowned for creating and maintaining superior vacation experiences for our niche member base.
Our Goal - To secure access to high quality, high demand, unique resort destinations in order to meet the needs of our niche member base.
To provide holiday experiences that are tailor-made to suit our member base.
To offer our members a personalised service that exceeds industry norms and expectations.
Our Vision
To be renowned for creating and maintaining superior vacation experiences for our niche member base.
Our Goal 
1. To secure access to high quality, high demand, unique resort destinations in order to meet the needs of    our niche member base.
2. To provide holiday experiences that are tailor-made to suit our member base.
3. To offer our members a personalised service that exceeds industry norms and expectations.
This video showcases one of our Platinum Destinations...the stunning Zimbali Coastal Resort
Cell : 083 324 0929 Telephone : 032 946 5923 Email : info@platinumvacationclub.com
How It Works
As a new Member, we want to ensure that you take maximum advantage of the product that you own. This includes ensuring that you take advantage of the amazing opportunities on offer exclusively for Platinum Vacation Club members.

1. How can I access an award-winning central London resort at any time of the year?

Well, just a phone call away, your friendly highly trained Reservations Assistant is on hand with all the answers to help you arrange every aspect of your trip, as well as give you the latest news on Platinum Vacation Club's new resort locations and the availability of peak season accommodation. 

How Your Membership Currency Works
During your first year of Membership, your Points will be issued to you for the year of purchase.
On the 1st of January of each subsequent year, your annual allocation of Platinum Vacation Club Points will be credited to your account and will always equal the amount of Point Rights you own, - PLUS any unused Points from the previous year.
When you are ready to plan your holiday, you will need to refer to the Resorts Points Value Guide. Go to Resorts to view the Points Value Guides of over 180 resorts in South Africa and certain key international resorts.
Points Values
Each resort unit has been graded and has a fixed number of Points allocated to it for the entire year. We have included a selected number of resorts, - each with different facilities and features! Each resort Points total is inflation proof. This guarantees that your Platinum Vacation Club Points always retain their intrinsic value.
Naturally, you will use more Points to take a holiday at a London resort than you will at a resort in Cape Town . The number of points awarded to these resorts is based upon the standard of accommodation, range of facilities, location and demand.
Your Use
You can borrow all your Points from next year, OR save up your allocation for up to 5 years in order to use them on a longer holiday.
The Cost
The number of Points that you purchase naturally determines the cost of your initial joining fee giving you Membership of Platinum Vacation Club.
Thereafter, to maintain your Club Membership, you will also pay
• your annual Platinum Vacation Club Membership fee, and
• a controlled annual levy

In essence, your initial Platinum Vacation Club Membership is linked to the overall cost of development and ownership of Platinum Vacation Club accommodation, whilst the annual levy covers the maintenance and management costs.

Except for obvious costs incurred during your actual stay at a resort like telephone and electricity, those are the only costs involved in your continuing Membership of Platinum Vacation Club.

As an added unique bonus, Platinum Vacation Club members have the unique advantage of being able to enjoy vacations at selected resorts world-wide at no additional cost!
How To Get Going
Simply by joining Platinum Vacation Club, you are automatically entitled to the exciting option of taking holidays in literally thousands of luxury resorts all over the world, thanks to Platinum Vacation Club's Associate Resorts and Reciprocity Agreements with other Vacation Clubs and Resorts.

So, if you want to take a holiday, simply contact your Platinum Vacation Club Domestic or International Reservations Consultant and provide them with at least 3 resort choices, your party size and date options. A simpler option is to email:

Domestic and International Reservations: reservations@platinumvacationclub.com

You will receive a response from your Reservations Consultant within 48 hours and all that's left for you to do is sit back and watch your holiday unfold...

Once your accommodation request is fulfilled, the necessary number of Platinum Vacation Club Points will be deducted from your available Points portfolio and the holiday you require will then be booked for you - right down to the last detail, if you wish!

Your Platinum Vacation club Membership puts luxury resorts in exotic locations within easy reach at no additional cost!
Cell : 083 324 0929 Telephone : 032 946 5923 Email : info@platinumvacationclub.com
Making Your Reservation
All you have to do is decide where you want to go, when and for how long, then look up the amount of Points needed in the Points Table and you're ready.

Then, thanks to the experience of Platinum Vacation Club's reservations staff, booking every detail of your vacation is simplicity itself, as you will see from the following step-by-step guidelines. Please note that no reservations can be requested unless your levies for the current year are paid.
Step 1: Decide on your Vacation Details or call us for suggestions!
• Select a destination, 3 resorts from the Resort Guide, along with the dates, the size of unit and the length of stay.

• Check the Points Table to work out the number of Points your holiday will need

• If this leaves you with unused Points, then you can opt to use them up this year or save them for future holidays.

• Or, if you don't have enough Points for the holiday of your dreams, you can simply arrange to borrow some from next year!

• If you are undecided about a destination, call your Platinum Vacation Club Reservations Consultant for advice - they are just a phone call or email away from you and will be only too glad to recommend a destination that suits your needs best!

• If you are requesting a Peak Season vacation, dont forget to make the request at least 7 months ahead of your desired departure date in order to give you the best chance.

Remember that you have up to 12 months to request your reservation in advance.
Step 2: Contact Your Platinum Vacation Club Reservations Consultant
• If this leaves you with unused Points, then you can opt to use them up this year or save them for future holidays.

• Have your Membership number on hand.

• Discuss your holiday plans with us and we will be happy to advise you on every aspect and arrange every detail of the booking. If need be, we will recommend or suggest alternate destinations to you.

• As long as the holiday you request is available, your Reservations Consultant will be able to process your request and arrange every detail of the booking telephonically or via email.

• If you need to borrow Points for your planned vacation, these arrangements can also be made at the same time.
Step 3: Confirmation
• Your vacation arrangements will all be confirmed in writing by Platinum Vacation Club.

• A confirmation letter is automatically generated once your accommodation is confirmed.

• If you have chosen us for your flights, cruise and hotel arrangements, then a detailed Travel File is generated which contains information that is unique to your travel plans.
Step 4: Enjoy every minute of your Platinum Vacation Club holiday!

What The Club Means To You And Your Holiday
You've joined an exclusive organization which has an outstanding reputation for providing its Members with high quality holiday accommodation and service.

It's based on a tried and trusted holiday system which was developed with the close co-operation of its target niche customer base. The objective? We believe that our customers' needs are of prime importance. We also believe that the specific interpretation of their needs is absolutely essential.

This unique product innovation began with us identifying the outcomes that our Members want to achieve, and it ends in the creation of a product that our Members need.

Designing a product with our Members in mind also ensures that they will remain satisfied and loyal.

An academic research project was conducted within this niche and professional market, - which resulted in the ultimate design and creation of the Platinum Vacation Club product.

This is our Members' product, designed directly from them telling us what they need!

As a result, the type of holiday accommodation owned by the Trust and the value added services required by our Members is custom-made to meet their exclusive needs.

So, isn't it nice to know that you hold the advantage of knowing exactly what to expect at your holiday destination? Your only problem as a Platinum Vacation Club Member is deciding which of the fabulous resorts on offer you are going to choose!

It is your privilege to request a holiday at any of these resorts at any time of the year. And, in close co-operation with Platinum Vacation Club, you can personally tailor it to your own very individual taste. This includes a specialized travel agency facility and service where we will take your membership a step further by actually guiding you to the destinations that are best suited to your individual needs and maximizing the use of your points for accommodation.
Cell : 083 324 0929 Telephone : 032 946 5923 Email : info@platinumvacationclub.com
Your Holiday Reservations Made Easy
As a Platinum Vacation Club Member, you are at the distinct advantage of receiving our personalized service ?this also means that you never have to concern yourself with contacting several organizations to arrange your holiday. It is our pleasure to use our best efforts to secure the ideal accommodation and travel details you require for every holiday you take.

You can use your Platinum Vacation Club Membership in any of the following ways:

• Use ALL of this year's Points to holiday THIS year

• Use SOME of this year's Points to holiday this year and ACCUMULATE your UNUSED points for the FUTURE

• SAVE some of this year's Points to use to extend FUTURE vacations

• Use your points to contribute towards selected CRUISES in the CARIBBEAN .

A minimal fee is payable per person per night together with port and departure taxes.

• Use your Platinum Vacation Club Membership to secure DISCOUNTS on selected AIRLINES where reservations are made through our central reservations office. Remember to ask about REDUCED AIRFARES to selected holiday destinations.
Requesting a reservation
Reservation requests can be made at any time up to 12 months in advance.
Just in case you decide to change your plans, you should advise your Platinum Vacation Club Reservations consultant at your earliest opportunity to avoid losing points. The cancellation policy is detailed in the Memorandum & Articles of Association of Platinum Vacation Club Management Association. In addition to the policy outlined, please note that cancellations of RCI World-Wide Exchanges result in No Points Loss but attract a R340 cancellation fee per week cancelled.
Absolute Signature, Samui Spa and Resort
Kho Samui, Thailand
"Absolute Signature, Samui Spa and Resort, Kho Samui would cost R47,000... You can vacation there for 6500 points !"
"Absolutely Stunning.."
"I Love Platinum"
"Doesn't Get Any Better :)"
Letter From The Trust.
How We Protect Your Right To Premium Accomodation
Platinum Vacation Club's sole purpose is to acquire interests in accommodation, clubs, resorts and schemes in order to meet the exclusive needs of its member base and to provide them with diversity in their holidays.

Ownership of the accommodation is vested in Platinum Vacation Property Trust.

The Beneficiary of the Property Trust is Platinum Vacation Club Management Association.

Our members are the beneficiaries of the Management Association with the acquired right to use the accommodation in the Trust. Members also have a vested in the Trust. This means that they can vote at the Annual General Meetings of the Association and therefore make a positive contribution to the organization.

Our members deserve to given the maximum available protection and for that reason, all the right, title and interest to the accommodation is held in the Property Trust.

The Trustees hold and control the Club's inventory of accommodation in the Trust. They ensure that the total accommodation available to Members is greater than the amount represented by Points Rights sold. The Trustees also ensure that the right, title and interest to the properties held in the Trust are secured.

A full list of the responsibilities of the Trustees of the Club is set out in the Trust Deed which forms part of your documentation.

As a new Member of Platinum Vacation Club, you would have received the following legal documents in your Welcome Pack of information:

Memorandum, Articles of Association, Scheme Regulations and Trust Deed
Terms and Conditions of Acquisition Agreement
Carbon copy of Terms and Conditions of Acquisition Agreement & Acknowledgement of Representation
Access to our website www.platinumvacationclub.com for the Points Value Guide

What Does Your Membership Mean?
Think of your Membership as a type of inflation-proof accommodation “currency”. This means that the “price” of your holiday depends on:

The resort
• The type and size of accommodation and
• The time of the year
• And the greatest benefit of your new “currency” is that the purchasing value of Points never decreases!

The advantage of Platinum Vacation Club is the flexibility of choice, allowing you to choose:

Where you want to visit

Refer to the Resort Guides to see just how wide a selection of top quality resorts are available to you. At the time of your purchase, you were provided with a directory of resorts. For further information on these and other resorts in South Africa and the rest of the world, log onto www.rci.com

• How long you want to be away

Most resorts work on vacations of a week at a time, but you are free to book a week and choose the amount of time you wish to stay at the resort of your choice.

When you want to travel

You are free to travel at any time of the year you choose, and for added convenience, varying check-in days at resorts allow you the option to arrive on the day that suits you best.

Unit size

Whether you want a romantic hideaway for two, or a party venue for family and friends, it's entirely up to you.

Resort facilities and locations

Your individual preferences and needs are unique and Platinum Vacation Club can always provide the perfect solution.

How many locations

The same amount of Points will get you one or two vacations in large accommodation or several in smaller accommodation. The same applies to peak or low season time periods in the year.

Your Ownership
You own Point Rights in Platinum Vacation Club Management Association which are credited to you automatically each year, for the duration of your membership. If you want to take more holidays, you can purchase extra Points at any time that you choose.
Types of Membership
The Platinum Vacation Club product was developed to allow entry into 1 of 3 different product options. The design of each of these options must therefore fulfil the individual and specific needs of the Member. This unique concept is termed a Three Tier Multi-Faceted Product . The individual attributes of each product option is as follows:

• Purchase of Points Rights

The core basis of membership within Platinum Vacation Club arises from Points Rights purchased. This is naturally a requirement in order to gain entry into the Club and to enjoy the benefits of selected accommodation and the value added service benefits unique to Platinum Vacation Club members.

• Conversion of other memberships or timeshare owned

Platinum Vacation Club exercises a high level of discretion with the types and categories of memberships and timeshare that is transferred into the Trust. If the membership or timeshare that you hold is fully paid and is accepted for transfer into the Trust, you will, in exchange for your membership or timeshare, receive an annual allocation of Points Rights in Platinum Vacation Club.

You are also required to purchase at least 300 Platinum Vacation Club points to cover the administration cost of each conversion.

• Fixed Week Option

This option allows you to guarantee the use of a specific week within a choice of 3 resorts in a specific Region each year. The Member will specify that they would like to secure the use of the specified week each year.

An advantage of this option is that the Member can also exercise the Right of First Refusal of the guaranteed week (declining the use of the week for a particular year) by informing us in writing 6 months prior to the start date of the fixed week. In this case, Members would then be in a position to use any other accommodation in the Platinum Vacation Club portfolio of resorts and accommodation both locally and internationally.

Irrespective of the type of Membership that you have opted for, your ownership category is identical to every other Platinum Vacation Club Member. You own Points Rights within Platinum Vacation Club Management Association which entitles you to the right to use and occupy accommodation within Platinum Vacation Property Trust and a vested interest in the Trust.

Making The Most Of Your Membership
Now that you're a Member, you'll want to know how to get the maximum benefit from owning your Platinum Vacation Club Points. In this part of your guide, we've taken each aspect and explained it in detail. However, if you still have any further queries after reading this guide, remember our helpful telephone numbers and email addresses with Reservations assistants who are ready with all the answers.

Once you understand the system, you will agree that this is the ideal way to create a tailor-made personal vacation - in the comfort of your own home!
Using your Points
Let's say that the total number of Points you have is your yearly "holiday budget". First, you must decide whether you want to use all of it on one long holiday or, if you have enough Points available, split your "budget" into say, one week in the sun and a few shorter breaks?

The following decisions will then govern how much of your "budget" you will need:

• which location and which resort?

Every resort in the Platinum Vacation club system has its own Points table

A central London resort has a much higher Points value than a resort in Cape Town

• what time of year

Each resort's Points Table reflects low to high seasonal demand periods

• what size accommodation

This will depend on how many people are going on this particular holiday. You can choose from a range of unit sizes.

• what type of resort do you want?

This aspect is based on such factors as: how many sports and leisure facilities

are on site. Is there a golf course? Is the accommodation exceptionally luxurious?

• how many weeks or days will you be away?

The number of Points you will need to use depends on the length of your holiday.
Don't Forget
• Its your decision whether you use your Points on one big or several smaller holidays

• You can save up your unused Points each year to use for more vacation choices in the future

• You can borrow Points a whole year in advance for a longer holiday in the current year

• You can purchase additional Points at any time. Best of all, there is no restriction on the Resorts, accommodation size, time of year or any other restricting criteria

There is no reason why each of your future holidays shouldn't be a whole new experience!
Cell : 083 324 0929 Telephone : 087 460 0020 Email : info@platinumvacationclub.com
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